Scott Road Farm House Apparition

Submitter: Ed Williams

Subject: Spirits & Ghosts

Location: A farm house on Scott Road, Jamestown, PA 16134

Ed Williams’ submission:

Had a small farm on Bob Scott Road in Jamestown. Many times, at different times of the day,out of the corner of our eye, we would see a very young girl in an old fashioned night gown walking down the stairs. When we turned to look, she would vanish. After that happening many times, we asked Loretta Scott, who lived in the farm behind us if any body died in that house. We never told her what we had seen, just asked her if anyone died in that house. She proceeded to tell us about the 8 year old girl who had become ill and died. Next time we saw the apparition, we told her that we knew her story and that we would keep her memory alive.

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