Bigfoot At The Spillway?

Paranormal Pymatuning comments: The following submission is very similar to typical reported Sasquatch or Bigfoot encounters.

Submitter: Jason Burrows

Subject: Unknown Entities

Location: Linesville Spillway, 12318 Hartstown Rd. Linesville, PA  16424

Jason Burrows’ submission:

Me and a few friends were fishing across the road from the area where the ducks walk on the fish on 8/9/21, we started fishing at 9:45-10 pm, about 10:30-11 pm we started to have rocks thrown in our direction so 2 of my friends and I went up onto the path to see if someone was up there to our amazement no one was up on the path. We spotted a excavator and we went to see if someone was down near it as soon as we started to head back to our fishing spot we got hit with rocks. I had a rock hit me in the elbow and one of my friends had a rock hit him in the head.  We would like to know what is out there because we just wanted to fish. 

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