Dead Woman Found In Pymatuning Swamp – Found Book Excerpt

Submitter: Paranormal Pymatuning
Subject: History’s Mysteries
Location: Future Pymatuning Lake
Paranormal Pymatuning’s submission:
This is a found excerpt Murders, Mysteries and History of Crawford County, Pennsylvania 1800-1956 by Don Hilton.

“Not So Badly Decomposed”

Late April 19232. Norman E. Hartweg of Warren Pennsylvania, doctoral candidate of Herpetology at the University of Michigan, is tromping along through the cold much of the north end of Pymatuning Swamp. He’s looking for turtles and snakces….

…Hartweg is near Linesville, a good distance form the unimproved road that rusn through the area. He’s bushwhacking through the tangle when he stumbles upon a woman’s body, wrapped in a torn overcoat and half-buried in the soft earth. She is wearing galoshes…

…The police think the woman was killed elsewhere and brought to the swamp to be hidden…

…The case is unsolved.

Those are quotes pulled from the account written in the book stated above. It is unnerving to know there was a murderer living in the area that was never caught. You can find the book below on

It would be interesting to hear what some of you might know about this homicide case. Send us your experience!

*This experience was found and researched by The submission above has been edited for length and posted as excerpts from the original work written by Don Hilton.*

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