A Shove in a Dark Kitchen

Submitter: R.M. Subject: Strange Encounter Location: A family home in West Pymatuning area near camp grounds
R.M’s submission:
Part of this story is from my father-in-law because he owned the house before me. Back in early 2006, while my father-in-law was in the house alone in the kitchen, he was shoved hard forward from behind. He turned around and no one was there. It was around the approximate time his step son passed away. The other part of this story is my story after I bought the house. It is not as fantastic as being shoved but it is unusual and it is focused in the kitchen. I have kitchen utensils disappear every so often. The can opener was the first thing I noticed was gone. Then, I noticed a lot of spoons were gone. My daughter also claims that she hears voices outside her window at night.  She also would say she could see a man in her room when she was a toddler. My wife recently told me that the original owner of the house many decades ago died in the bathtub and could possibly be the same bathtub that is in the bathroom currently.

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