Owners of ‘haunted’ Greenville Manor speak out

Over the last few months, we’ve shared with you stories about ghost hunting inside the Greenville Manor. Thursday night, First News asked the owners of the house why they bought a home that’s almost 150 years old, and do they think it’s haunted?

Katie McKenney and Marcus Haug got a call about the Greenville Manor being up for sale. Just like any homeowner they did some research on it. McKenney discovered two families that lived in the Manor for a while — the Gibsons and the McMillens.

UFO sightings appear and disappear in the Erie County region

Here’s a snippet from the article: “Peninsula police this morning found numerous imprints in the sand in the Beach Six area, only 10 hours after a Jamestown, N.Y., girl was left hysterical after seeing something settle to earth 300 yards from the car in which she was sitting.”

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